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Standyfine: A business cell of LYCHNIA specializing in promotional stands & displays.

LYCHNIA S.A. having a half-century of continuous operation and experience in the Graphic Arts industry, holds a leading position in the Greek market.

Technical know-how and expertise required for the creation and production of Promotional Stands & Displays, led LYCHNIA S.A. to the development of a separate, specialized business cell called Standyfine. Standyfine operates at the premises of LYCHNIA S.A., owns a separate client portfolio and resources (equipment, human resources) and is fully dedicated to the timely and efficient implementation of 3 types of Stands and Displays: Floor Stands, Counter Stands, Custom Displays.

Standyfine is a vertically integrated business cell offering in-house services that range from design and creative artwork to full implementation. We are constantly investing in new technologies and techniques, acquiring contemporary machinery and equipment to produce high quality stands & displays using a variety of materials and techniques.

Since the very beginning of its operation, Standyfine has collaborated with important Greek and multinational brands and companies.

LYCHNIA S.A. is a vertically integrated company and owns facilities that occupy an area of 6,000 sq.m. In this area LYCHNIA S.A. operates 3 more specialized Business Cells. These cells were also created to meet the needs of both the Greek and the international market, offering services at all stages of design and production in other important sectors of Graphic Arts such as: Packaging (Boxyfine), Large Format Digital Printing (Largyfine), Commercial Printing (Printyfine).

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